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General Info

The hackathon is for all people who are involved in the development or implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central. The general goal is to have fun but, of course, also to work on the ideas which can be valuable to the community or end-users.

Step 1. Submit Ideas

Everyone can submit the ideas for the Hackathon. You can submit as many ideas as you would like. The ideas do not need to be directly related to AL development but for sure need to be somehow connected with Dynamics 365 Business Central. An example can be some integration with Microsoft products like Teams or Azure IoT or any other platform. In AL the example can be solving some problems which all have such how to import 300k items in the easiest way when RapidStart is having issues with the task.

Each of the ideas will be review by the judges of the event. Only approved ideas will be shown on the website.

Few things to remember about submitting the ideas:

  • You do not need to work on the idea which you submitted – you can choose any idea which is approved.
  • Think about the solution which can be finished in 48 hours (or at least presented to the all other participants and judges).
  • You have a great idea but later will not take part in the event? No worries still you can submit it – it is also a good way to see how others will handle the issue/idea which you facing.

Maximum 48 hours is what people will get to work on the ideas

Step 2. Join Hackathon

To join the hackathon you need to register at the website. Later you will get email (which will not be sent automatically after registration) to gather more information about you and the team which you would like to join.

The biggest team which can join is 6 people. But there is no requirement for the minimum number of people in the team. It means that if you wish you can work on the idea as a solo developer/consultant/system architect and presenter.

However, the hackathon is to meet new people and learn from each other. That’s why we ask in the mail if you would like to join another team and if your team is open to others. Think about it!


  • The hackathon is a great event to integrate your team but also you can find other great people from whom you can learn more
  • The event is free so there are no hidden costs to join
  • The minimum size of the team is 1 and maximum is 6
  • You do not need to be a developer to join remember that a good team needs more than developer skills. In the end, you will need to “sell” the solution to others and judges

The event is free. Think about it as a great opportunity to network with others or integrate the people in your team

Step 3. Work on the solution

During the start of the event, judges will say a few words on what they will focus during reviewing the solutions. Take it into consideration when thinking about the output from your project.

You will get a maximum of 48 hours to work on the solution. Since this year the event will be online, your team will get the private online room to talk and collaborate. Remember that judges and the hack master can join and ask you some questions during the event.

Your team also will get the repository on Azure DevOps where you will be able to store your code. Remember that the code will be public so everyone will be able to see it. It will be also possible to build the code to check if solution compiles and works.

However, remember that development should be done on your own machines. The organizer does not provide the development environment. Think about it before to be ready to start working on the solution just after the event will start.

The important rule is: do not start working on the idea before the event. But remember you always can pick up the idea after the event and work on it later if you see the value in it.

Think about the idea which your team choose before but do not start working on it before the event starts. You will have 48 hours to get a solution ready. Remember it does not need to be fully finished but you need to be able to present it

Step 4. Present the solution

At the end of the event, one of the people in your team will need to present the solution which you work on.

Remember that the presentation should be short (maximum time will be decided during the event and depends on the number of the teams)

Step 5. Win great prizes

Four judges will carefully listen to your presentation. The best teams will be able to win prizes.

Despite the event is free you can win great prizes for the team. Below you can find the list of prizes that are confirmed so far. Remember to check the website from time to time since new sponsors can arrive every day.

Free tickets for next NAV TechDays (2021) for whole team /

Access for one year to LinkedIn learning containing around 16 000 online trainings for whole team

3d Printing related to Business Central /

Surprise Package not related to Business Central

Pack of Gadgets


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