Beginner / Intermediate


Job monitoring belongs to important central monitoring tasks and can ensure that background jobs and job chains are running as expected. In case of multiple company / database architecture with different job running against each Company. User needs to check job run status and status of error job by logging into each company

An Overview page required which can provide a complete, centralized job monitoring concept based on the End-to-End Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure. User can monitor all types of jobs in a distributed system landscape.

At least top business critical jobs should be monitored and an immediate resolution needs to be found in case of a problem.
To identify whether the most important jobs run as scheduled, with good performance and finish successfully, different metrics are available:
• Time metrics: not-started-on-time, start delay, end time, duration, out of time window
• Range metrics: records processed, data packages processed, rows read
• Job log messages
• Job log content
• Others: Parallel processing and Job active

Note: Company Hub functionality from newest version could be the a base for this task