Hackathon date changed and more

I would like to share with you all some news about Hackathon.

New date for the event

The biggest news is that we needed to change the date for the Hackathon. The reason is that Directions EMEA conference changed dates and will be become online event. Unfortunately there is collision between dates and therefore we decided to move our event. One of our sponsors, NAV TechDays (normally the conference take place on 19th and 20th of November), decided to help us and we agreed to use the same date this year. So the Coding 4 BC hackathon would begin 18th of November and presentations  will take place on 20th of November .

Please check if the dates still suites you.

All Judges on board

I am really pleased to announce that we have all four judges on board. I would like to thank Freddy, Waldo, Ulrich and Luc for supporting  the event and taking part in it. Each of the judge can focus on different aspects of your solution from technical, testability, user experience and business side.

First ideas on website

First ideas are already published on website https://www.coding4bc.com/ideas/ .  You can find things related to new functionalities, nice control add-ins like calendar or connecting Business Central with outside World thru API. If you would like to work on something totally different do not hesitate to add new ideas.

Development environments

It is likely that soon I will be able to announce our technical partner for development environments. It would mean that development containers will be provided and all what you will need on your laptops is Visual Studio Code. Stay tuned for new information about this topic!

Sponsors and Prizes

I would like to thank all sponsors who joined so far. You can read more why they want to be part of the event in the Sponsors section . Also  you can find out what are the prizes so far https://www.coding4bc.com/more-info/

If you or your company would like to be part of this unique event please let me know at: kbialowas@bc4all.com

Have a nice day,


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Honored to be part of this jury. 🙂

Thanks for the event details > https://www.linkedin.com/posts/activity-6731585627436957697-7jrO/
Happy to be a part of this hackathon for Business Central 🙂

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