BC Hackathon
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Join the hackathon for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Build or join the team and submit ideas for the AL challenge.
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Submit the ideas for the challenge
Everyone can submit the idea for the hackathon. Ideas need to be connected with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Think about what you are missing in the system and what would make value for users and the community. Does the solution need to be done only in the AL language? Of course not! Surprise the community and work on something special!
Build or join the existing team
Teams can be the size of 1 up to 6 people. You can join the team during the hackathon kick-off or you can bring your team to this event. Each team can work on one chosen idea.
This is a great opportunity to meet new people from the whole World or learn more about your team when working on something which will be fun for all.
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Hackathon will be an online event. Each team will get access to a private room on zoom.us and will be able to collaborate.

When and how long?

The event will take place on the 18th and 19th of November. Teams will have 48 hours to build the solution. On the 20th of November, there will be an official presentation and results announcement. Take a look at the roadmap for the event.

For whom?

The event is for all who want to take part in the challenge. It is good to have the knowledge about Dynamics 365 Business Central and AL language if the idea on which you will work required so. However, you do not need to be a developer – you need to be able to help your team to reach the goal. So if you are a developer, consultant, tester, or system architect the event is for you!

Ideas Submited
People Joined
2020 hackathon roadmap
The hardest part of starting up is starting out!
August (2020)
Start of submitting the ideas and teams
16th of October (2020)
Closing date for registration of the ideas. After this date, you still can join or create a new team. You also can choose which idea you like to develop.
23rd of October (2020)
Final review of all ideas. All submitted ideas will be on the page. After this date, you still can join or create a new team.
6th of November (2020)
Registration to the event will be closed.
18th of November (2020)
The 1st day of the Hackathon. The kick-off meeting will take place. Next, the teams will be formed. Each team will get access to the Azure DevOps project where the code should be stored and access to the private meeting where the team can collaborate during the whole event.
19th of November (2020)
The 2nd day of the Hackathon. Teams will have time to work on the ideas.
20th of November (2020)
Final presentations of the projects to the community and judges
20th of November (2020)
Results and prize winners announcement
Meet the judges and hackmasters 
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www.waldo.be / www.alops.be
Freddy Kristiansen
UK 2-3 6
Ulrich Kærgaard
Managing Director at Dynaway
Luc van Vugt
WHY Join the Hackathon?
Make a step forward
The Hackathon is a great opportunity for you or for your team to grow. It is a fantastic learning opportunity when working closely with your team and people who have experience in Business Central.
Present your ideas
You can find out what others think about your ideas. During the hackathon, you have the opportunity to present them to a bigger audience. Not only the other participants but also judges. Each team after the development phase will need to show the solution to all other participants.
Learning new things
Normally you do not have time to learn something new about Business Central? The hackathon is a good time to work on something which you like. It is also a good time to share knowledge between team members and others who also works with Business Central.
Meet the people who work with Business Central every day. You will be able to join the team with people you may not know. That gives you the possibility to get to know new community members.
Win the prizes
Although the event is free there will prize for the winning teams. Including access to learning portal subscription or tickets to the next NAV TechDays Conference (2021).
Sponsors and Supporters
Meet event sponsors and supporters

This event could not be handled without the sponsors and supporters. We would like to thank you all.

If you would like to become a sponsor or you would like to help to organize the event please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions
Get all the important answers from here

The maximum number of team members is 6. However, it is possible to join the hackathon with a smaller team or just by yourself. During the kick-off, all without the team will be assigned to not full teams.

For sure you need to have a good internet connection since the event is online. Other things depend on your role in the team. Development should be done in your local environments so the setup docker and newest container with BC should be enough to start but it also depends on the project which you choose.

There are no costs to attend the hackathon. Everyone is welcome.

First of all to have great fun and network with the community which still growing. Another goal is to build something which can help others (customers, community, etc.) when working with Business Central.

That is not decided yet. This is why we ask for the preferred time zone to see what will suit the best for all who want to join. Also, we will try to group people in the teams (if needed) in similar time zones.